1- Check In And Check Out Time

Nile Cruises Check In Time:
Normally the check in time before Lunch about 11 am . if your Flights come  early in Morning they will give you the cabin immediately if there is available cabin. If there is no place you will start your tours directly after coming from Airport or Train Station in order to make benefit from your time

Nile Cruises Check Out Time:
Check out Time After Breakfast about 8:00 to 9:00 am. if your Flight or Train is in the Afternoon or by Night you can leave your luggage’s at the Cruise and take a walk in the city or make some tours.

2- Nile Cruise Embarkation Place

Nile Cruises Start From Luxor:
You can reach Luxor by several ways. From Cairo you can take the Train and By Domestic Flight (Recommended). From Hurghada you can reach Luxor by Bus or Private Car. Also you can reach Luxor by Domestic Flights from Sharm El Sheikh.

Nile Cruises Start From Aswan:
You can reach Aswan by Train and Domestic Flight from Cairo and by Bus from Hurghada (Not Recommended).

Transportation From Aswan Or Luxor Airport / Train / Bus Station To Your Nile Cruise

There are more than 200 Nile Cruise boats in Egypt. So if you try to find your Nile Cruise by yourself at the Marina in Luxor or Aswan it will be very difficult, So we highly recommend that you arrange the pickup from Airport / Train Station / Bus Station with us to your Nile Cruise before your Arrival.

3- Nile Cruise Embarkation Day

Are All Nile Cruises Available At Any Day Like Buses?

Every Nile Cruise has its own Schedule. So you must ask about the schedule before booking your flight in order to guarantee your tour

4- The Meals on Board the Nile Cruise

Most of Nile Cruises are on Full Board Basis. All meals are included and are in an open buffet style (Or Set Menu in Some Cruises), these meals are served with a fixed timetable.

5- Entertainment on board the cruise

You can enjoy with a Discotheque, Belly Dance Show, Galabia Party and Nubian Folkloric Show . the entertainment program, differs from one boat to the other (Depend on The Cruise Class)

In Galabiya Party , you will be encouraged to get Egyptian outfits and wear the local Galabia. To buy a Galabia will cost you around 15 or 20 US$, but if you do not wish to buy one, you can hire one from the bazaar shop located on board.

In the Nubian show, you will see Nubian dancers and singers. There is also a belly dancing show, a juggler’s show, and local singers and bands.

6- The price differ between Nile cruises in the same category because of Different Factors such as:

Cruise Brand Name:

If the Nile Cruise is managed by an International Hotels Chain, you have to know that you pay extra money for the Brand Name.

Cruise Shape And Decoration:

Normally if the Nile Cruise is well decorated and maintained in a good shape make people always want it as a first choice

Cabins Size:

If the cabin size is large Clients will have to pay for the extra space.

Tours Included:

You will have the Option to buy the Nile Cruises with or without Sightseeing and you will find that mentioned clearly in our itinerary and price

7- What To Wear During My Nile Cruise Trip?

During The Daytime Tours:

you can wear whatever you like, (in summer) it is recommended you wear lightweight clothes. But it is recommended when visiting temples and other religious monumentsto wear long sleeved shirts and pants. On Board Your Nile Cruise:You may wear shorts and swimming costumes, if you wish

8- For Your Safety

  • You should avoid drinking large amounts of alcohol
  • People with equilibrium problems should not spend too much time on deck at night
  • Smoking in bed is dangerous; the mattresses are very flammable!
  • Make sure that you know where the muster stations are, in case you have to abandon ship.
  • If you get sick whilst on board, some cruise boats have a resident doctor on board. If not, they have doctors assigned in each town that can be called on in case of emergency.

9- What You Have To Know About Your Trip?

  • Usually sailing is done during the day, but during some periods some sailing may be required after dark.
  • At busy periods the boat may be required to wait for a short time to get through the lock on the Nile at Esna.
  • When first checking in on the cruise boat, it is advisable to leave your valuables in a safety deposit box. This will be available either in the reception, or a private safe in your cabin.
  • If you wish to buy any items from the shops on board, the opportunity for shopping is generally limited due to the small size of these shops. But on the other hand you will get plenty of time to check what you are buying, and haggle over the price!
  • To call home, most of the cruise boats offer telephone facilities on board, but the quality is not as good as onshore.
  • We recommend visiting a bank, to change your money, before cruising, as most of the cruise boats do not offer this facility and you will not get access to onshore banks while you are cruising.

10- Nile Cruise Classes

We calssify the nile cruises according to different factors such as

The Cruise Facilities:

How old is the Cruise, the last time that the cruise has been renovated
Does The Cruise have special Features such as Sauna, GEM and Library etc…?
the Swimming Pool size and the Entertainment onboard

The Cruise Cabins:

the size of the Cabin, and if the cabin has outside balcony or large window only ,
Cabins in Lower Deck or All Cabins are on the Main and Upper Deck

The Food & Beverage:

The size of  the Restaurant ,the Meals are on Open Buffet Basis or Set Menu, the quality and variety of food