The high dam

Details :

Rock fill dam across the Nile is Located 13 km south of Aswan, Egypt, completed in 1970 .The dam,(111 meters) high, with a crest length of (3,830 meters).An array of rocks, cement, and metals creates the reservoir of the dam measuring 550km in length and 35km in width. With its surface area of 5,250 square kilometers, elevation of 183m, and depth of 185m, the reservoir has a storage capacity of 132 cubic kilometers.The dam consists of 180 sluice gates to regulate the flow of water to achieve flood control. It also has 12 Francis turbines, with an installed capacity of 2,100MW to supply electricity for industrial and household use.The dam’s construction required some 44 million cubic meters of building materials and a workforce of about 34,000 people.The High dam provides irrigation water and electricity for the whole of Egypt